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The Only Way To

Get Wild Results Without Losing Your Chill

I help growth-seeking tech and SAAS based companies attract and acquire paying customers.

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Nid has been one of the most committed and hungry marketers I've ever worked with. She is quick to learn and implement new concepts but more importantly willing to take initiatives that drive growth. 


Abhimanyu Godara

CEO, HelpTap

Psssst: Why the praise?
As an early growth specialist for HelpTap, I grew our user base from ground zero to 17,000+ daily active users in a span of 2 months- without spending a single marketing dollar. Hence the kind words! 


42 B2B+B2C products, platforms and tools to earn results worth raving about- and I'm happy to do it for you! 

Nidhriti's past content client-HelpTap
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But first, let's talk about you!

If you're here you're most likely trying to take your SAAS to the next level. You want to stand ten feet taller than the competition and you want customers that love you and pay you at the same time. 

More specifically, I bet you want to: 

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Knock the socks off your visitors with pitch-perfect positioning rich with outcomes (vs features)

Get a shitload of clicks on your call-to-actions aka your signups, free trials, book a demos- what have you!

Double, triple or even quadruple your MRR by attracting and acquiring leads that convert

Don't sweat.
I've got
you covered.


Product Marketer by day. Web Developer by night. 

Hola! I'm Nidhriti.

You can call me Nid.

I've been involved in the tech and SAAS space for the past 5 years, leading product marketing, SEO and growth efforts at B2B and B2C facing tools and platforms. 


Verticals that can keep me up at night

(Not literally obviously- I love sleep!)

Artificial Intelligence

(everything from chatbots to deep learning platforms)

Mixed Reality/AR+VR

(both web-based and hardware)

Marketing Suites and Tools

(everything from FullStory to HubSpot)

Integration and Automation

(think: Zapier)

Productivity and Collaboration

(think: Slack, Asana, Notion)

WordPress/Webpage Builders

(includes hosting, plugins, CMS systems, usability) 

"Aight, Nid! Cut to the chase. How can you help exactly?"

I thought you'd never ask! 


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Care for a SAAS website that convinces and converts?

I leverage outcome-based positioning, crystal-clear copy and on-site SEO to create rad websites that are optimised to connect with your target persona and influence them to take action.

Went above and beyond what I asked! Extremely happy!

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Braden Wallake

Founder and President, Hypersocial

Nidhriti does an extensive study on your business domain before she starts to write a single word, she drives keyword research and articulates your business blogs around. I had the pleasure of working with her and I'm definitely recommending her to polish up your website.

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Mustafa Raslan
CTO, Pinoffer

My Services


Thinking of the funnel, the whole funnel and nothing but the funnel?

Get me to knock out a content strategy mapped not only to your keywords but to every stage of your funnel, then create SEOptimised traffic-generating content that keep readers hooked- even in the face of a juicy Insta ping!


Great job! Nidhriti went the extra mile, did her research and delivered exactly what we wanted and fast. Can't recommend her enough! :)


Scott Simpson

Co-Founder and MD, SCOPIC

Excellent communication skills. Understands sales funnel strategy and can work autonomously with minimal direction. 100% recommended.

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Logan O.

Commercial Director, PrimeMyBody


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Onboarding, Activation and UX Copy that stops users (and usage KPIs) from blowing their heads off

I've got the skills. And the tools.

Expecting more juicy client testimonials here?

Sorry to disappoint but instead I'm going to put you towards Here you'll find the best onboarding, activation and microcopy from the SAAS world.


You can thank me later ;)

Did you really believe, I would disappoint? Here's what you were expecting--- 

This is the second time for us working with Nidhriti and i don't think it will be the last, she has the experience and knows exactly what to do!

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M. Fergany


Talk about the elephant in the room?

As you might have figured, I'm obsessed with letting my happy testimonials do the talking but hey, I understand I have to logo drop to swoon you over! 

So here it goes: I'm a columnist at some of the most trusted tech, AI and startup publications in the game


Go for it- check out whichever tickles your fancy! I've also added a bit of info to help you gauge if we're a perfect fit 


The Ultimate Guide To

Fix and Prevent

WP Plugin Conflicts

Ranked #1 on Google Search for primary and long tail keywords bringing in consistent traffic of 3K+ visitors/mo
Originally published in the official Flywheel blog and later used in their email guide
Flywheel's dedicated hosting solutions are currently used by more than 35,000 brands and agencies
Graphic Source: Icons8
Is your SAAS ready to own the internet?

Minus the chaos and guesswork.

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